Beam dyeing machine and general dyeing machine at different points
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                                            Beam dyeing machine (BEAM) is on the fabric roll reel in porous cylinder, filled in the pressure cooker, professional chemical pump with high lift and large flow, will take the night liquid flow in the system through the loop process and interactive transform, make liquor completely penetrate the curly fabric. In the dye bath in high temperature and high pressure dyeing. Beam dyeing machine is suitable for easy change, easy curling and slippery yarn sensitive fabric.
                                            The fabric is first used to roll the fabric onto the inner reel of the axis machine before the Dyer is dyed. In order to increase the friction force of the fabric and make it easier to roll, it is generally necessary to pass through the water when rolling, and the liquid volume of the fabric is adjusted through the pressure of the rolling car and the speed of the rolling. The good or bad of the roll has a great influence on the dyeing. It is not the tighter the roll, the greater the tension, the better the effect. Keep the speed constant as far as you can.
                                            1. Applicable cloth
                                            Taffeta, Lycra, Oxford cloth and other fabrics, nylon rich silk, triangular bright silk and other flat fabrics, but also for nylon 66, silk, non-woven fabrics and other fabrics.
                                            2. The principle of dyeing
                                            Beam dyeing dyeing machine is mainly dye pumped in under the action of the VAT and dosing barrels cycle fabric dyeing. Beam dyeing machine has a large and small two - ring dye based process. The so-called "big circulation loop" means: after the dye through the heat exchanger in heating, the main pump under the effect of - dye injection port, under the action of the pressure difference completely penetrate the fabric, and then into the heat exchanger to the next circulation loop; and the so-called "small cycle" refers to the dye the cylinder volume expansion in the heating process, the dye into the medicine barrel, nozzle again into the dye in the dosing pump under the action of.
                                            Because of the different characteristics of long fiber, nonwoven fabric and silk fabric, there will be a lot of entanglement in the dyeing process of long fiber and nonwoven fabrics, and almost no fibers will fall off the fabric surface during dyeing. Therefore, these two types of beam dyeing machine structure is also different. How to notice the effects of mechanical beam dyeing dyeing machine?
                                            The following points should be considered:
                                            1. Main pump
                                            Power of the main pump directly affects the size of dye penetration. The main pump power is too small, the dye can not fully penetrate the inner fabric, cloth will appear large flowers or progressive color; excessive power of the main pump, firstly causes the waste of power resources, followed by dye injection port, the injection pressure is likely to cause channeling cloth. Therefore, the above phenomena should be considered when selecting the main pump. Based on this, a reasonable pipeline will be designed to maximize the efficiency of the main pump and minimize the energy consumption.
                                            2, seal
                                            Because the beam dyeing machine is a high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine, if in the dyeing process into the air will cause the following abnormal production:
                                            The oxidation decomposition of dyestuffs, when the temperature is higher than 80 C, the dye contact air is easy to oxidize and decompose, especially the reactive dye.
                                            If the air volume with the dye into the fabric, the fabric surface is colored, the air spot, caused by abnormal cloth.
                                            If the air enters during the practice and bleaching, the surface of the fabric will be oxidized and brittle, the strength of the tear is reduced, and the color is abnormal when the fabric is dyed. How to solve the above problems, the first requirement of dyeing machine manufacturing plant in welding seam should be all over by the time of inspection, can not be installed in the mechanical mishap; secondly, each process, flange connection sealing better; finally use dyeing dyeing factory in the production process, to regularly check all connections sealing, prevent in the production process due to the vibration of the motor to make the screw loose and seal.
                                            How do you do the wood grain, the fleeing cloth and the edge in the dyeing?
                                            The common abnormality and reasons are as follows:
                                            1. Wood grain produced by long fiber dyeing
                                            Long fiber dyeing cloth will appear like wood like grain, the main reason is the abnormal rolling tension, uneven tension, resulting in uneven dye penetration. In addition, the density of the guide cloth in the inner layer is large, and the normal density of the dyed cloth is relatively small, and the anomaly of the wood grain will appear.
                                            The channeling of dyeing is not only the appearance of silk, but also the smooth fabric of fiber surface. This phenomenon is mainly rolling when the initial tension is too small, resulting in Butaisong. Or when the roll is done, it is not tight or disconnected. The machine control properly, adjust the amount of fluid in the valve to change the "big cycle", improper regulation leads to excessive water, dye jet pressure, the slippage caused by channeling cloth cloth.
                                            3, edge difference (edge shallow)
                                            When used in dyeing machine dyeing yarn, the most prone to the side of the poor is abnormal. The main reason for this kind of abnormality is the improper placement of the inner baffles in the reel. The inner baffle is not within the bag cloth layer to drum hole area to be covered, so that not to dye cloth edge loss caused by the failure of dyeing. The cloth rolled into the cylinder before completion, be sure to use a ruler to measure cloth and pitch conversion good position of the baffle, reduce the bad side.
                                            In addition, the temperature of the dye is generally controlled below 25 C. If the temperature is too high, the dye will have some instantaneous uneven dyeing and cause the edge shallow.
                                            4. Unevenness of dyeing
                                            The dyeing process leads to uneven dyeing of raw - because there are many, the main reasons are as follows: adjusting the pH value in the process of adding acid too fast, one-time acid is added too much, should be a small number of batch addition; the heating rate is too fast in the dyeing process, especially the light colored and sensitive dye in combination, the dyeing heating rate should not exceed 1.5 DEG /min. The above two points are mainly because the color is too fast to cause unevenness in a short time. Incorrect location of internal baffle or loosening during dyeing will cause uneven dyeing. Incomplete desizing and undesirable pretreatment are the main reasons for uneven dyeing.
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