Main features and application range of coater
                                            Time:2022-06-30 Click:1934
                                            Main features:
                                            1. The spatula coater adopts PLC touch screen automatic centralized control system, directly realizing the modern production mode of one-person production.
                                            2. The pneumatic feeding device is provided to facilitate the connection of raw materials, ensure the flatness of feeding position and realize non-stop operation.
                                            3. Automatic constant tension control system is adopted for winding and unwinding, and scraper coater is used with center and surface to be wrapped to ensure that the material is neat and smooth.
                                            4. The filter adopts multi-layer filtration technology to ensure the aesthetics of the adhesive effect.
                                            5. High-precision wear-resistant alloy steel die head, to ensure that customers can get the best effect of coating at high speed.
                                            Scope of application: this machine is mainly used for adhesive label paper, various adhesive tapes and advertising materials.