Working principle and application of dyeing machine
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                                            1、 Technical principle
                                            1. Technical principle
                                            According to the principle of aerodynamics, the water mist dyeing solution produced by the special nozzle is used to complete the dyeing process with the dyed fabric in the gas-liquid mixing chamber, and the dyed fabric is pulled by the circulating air flow for circular movement.
                                            2. Key technologies
                                            Dye liquor nozzle, gas-liquid mixing chamber, circulating fan, variable section cloth storage tank, dye liquor distribution system, dye liquor temperature control system, flow control system, feeding control system, etc.
                                            3. Process flow
                                            Pretreatment [desizing, scouring, bleaching, alkali reduction] → dyeing → post-treatment → softening finishing
                                            2、 Technology application
                                            After eight years of dedicated research and technical tracking, the R & D personnel of high-temperature and high-pressure air flow dyeing machine has developed almost synchronously with the air flow dyeing technology of the same era, and obtained a large number of dyeing process experimental data, which has laid a solid foundation for the successful development of this technology. It has been put into trial production in many printing and dyeing plants in Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places. Compared with ordinary overflow or jet dyeing machines, it saves 50% water, 50% steam, 10% ~ 15% dyes, 60% additives and 50% sewage. In addition, air flow dyeing has less tension on high elastic knitted fabrics (including spandex), and the handle of processed fabrics is higher than that of ordinary overflow or jet dyeing. It has been verified by practice that there is a mutual kneading condition between fabrics in the process of air flow dyeing, which is suitable for the completion of the "primary and secondary fibrillation" process of Lyocell [Tencel] fiber fabric, enzyme biochemical treatment, alkali dissolution of Island fine fibers and other new processes.