The use and classification of rubber machine
                                            Time:2022-06-30 Click:1931
                                            Production of auxiliary equipment, mainly used in the process of printing and die cutting board to the carton, complete the process of the glue. Differences between gluing machine in manual gluing process has the following advantages:, glue saving, environmental protection, no waste; anti involved device to prevent hand, work was involved in the glue groove, a roller in the storage; coating thickness, width, speed can be automatically adjusted according to customer requirements; uniform glue, glue, glue leakage, broken plastic quickly and uniformly; built-in time control device, accurate and automatic broken plastic.
                                            Gluing machine generally divided into zipper on the glue machine, automatic carton gluing machine, sealing type strong gluing machine, glue pasting machine / coating machine, glue on the glue machine, resin paste machine, glue, yellow glue machine, coating machine, hot melt glue machine more than 10 kinds, mainly according to use is not the same, the name is not the same. Domestic through the specification is voltage: 220V, on the rubber machine this equipment is very good, can greatly improve the work efficiency, good air tightness, product out the overall effect is beautiful, more grades.